Sculptor's Roots Add Modern Flair To Fort Wayne Skyline

Jun 23, 2017

Morrison finds that his architectural background has sculpted his own skill set for his 2nd career in fine art and design.
Credit Courtesy/George Morrison

Fort Wayne sculptor, George Morrison is a retired architect with a with a passion for creating a public artwork that reflects his firm roots in geometry, physics and architectural form.

His varied output of works include "Flights of Friendship: Weaving Cultures," installed in the Fort Wayne International Airport, several pieces of "Art with Purpose" on the IPFW campus, and most recently, "City," an interactive sculpture in the Superior Circle roundabout, at the foot of the Wells Street Corridor.

With an eye on the city's arts-rich skyline, WBOI's Julia Meek invited Morrison into the studio, to discuss why he chose to embark on this 2nd career, his thoughts on the importance of public art, and how his modern mode of expression complements the view.

You can learn more about Morrison and his work at his Art & Design Facebook page.