Social Agency Staying Strong On The Frontline

Apr 4, 2020

Aging & In-home's Connie Benton Wolfe is proud of the passion and precision with which she, her board and her staff are delivering to the community.
Credit Courtesy Aging & In-home Services

Aging & In-home Services of Northeast Indiana is another organization that is working overtime on the frontline of healthcare this month.

As the Coronalvirus pandemic restrictions continue to keep the especially at-risk members of the community even more isolated than normal, the company is exploring every area of of creative care giving at hand.

For an update on the operation and the population it serves, WBOI's Julia Meek was able to talk with its president and CEO, Connie Benton Wolfe by phone about the range of needs being addressed. the policy changes being made as the crisis continues and the collective spirit that is at the heart of their close-knit network.

For more information about the organization and its services visit the Aging & In-home website.