Sweetwater Buys Aunt Millie's Property

Oct 8, 2018

Aunt Millie's production and corporate offices have occupied much of Pearl Street for decades.
Credit Photo provided by Sweetwater

Sweetwater announced its purchase of the Aunt Millie’s properties in downtown Fort Wayne Monday morning.

Aunt Millie’s announced closure of its production facility in November 2017, effective in April this year. It maintained its corporate headquarters at that same downtown location on Pearl Street, keeping 125 employees on board with the production side now vacant.

Aunt Millie’s President John Popp says the closure of the production side gave them “more space than needed,” which opened the door to the Sweetwater sale.

Sweetwater CEO Chuck Surack says he plans to keep the Aunt Millie’s headquarters right where they are, but did not disclose what he hopes to do with the remainder of the space. Pricing of the agreement was also not disclosed.