The Trap Door: Coming Of Age

Aug 15, 2018

This week on WBOI Presents, we bring you The Trap Door: Coming Of Age storytelling showcase. In the four stories still to come, we'll hear about puberty, drug addiction, and how going to see "Transformers" led to the end of a relationship.

The Trap Door: Coming Of Age was hosted by Calhoun Street Soups, Salads, & Spirits. Special thanks to Ben Larson, Courtney Heiser, John Cheesebrew, and Becca Bell for making this show possible.

The first speaker of the event was Andrew Zehr. His story begins when he was ten years old and a quest to become a man took an unexpected turn.

The second storyteller at The Trap Door: Coming Of Age was Steve Miller. Like many, Miller was uneasy about adulthood in his early twenties. His coming of age story begins with renting a car to drive to Boston. He was followed by Josh Elias. Elias has battled drug and alcohol addiction and shared his journey with the audience at CS3.

The final storyteller was Corey Courrielche. In a recent conversation with his ex-girlfriend, she told him the exact moment she knew she didn't love him.

Our theme music is by Lucas Norton. Additional music is provided by Nortrecord and Mark Waldick. Our live sound engineer is Adam Blackburn. Additional equipment was provided John Dawkins. The episode was edited by WBOI Intern Carolynn Stouder.