Tritch Loses To Banks In 3rd

Nov 8, 2018

After a hard-fought campaign, the results of the 2018 election gave Rep. Jim Banks, of Columbia City, a second term in Indiana’s 3rd District.

Unofficial results showed Banks pulling in 65 percent of the votes in the heavily Republican northeast corner of the state.

Courtney Tritch, the Democratic candidate learned the results relatively early Tuesday evening, surrounded by her supporters and staff .


Tritch says that this isn’t the end for her or for the work to be done in the 3rd District and that the community can continue to grow without her in Washington D.C., citing the movement started with her campaign.

“A year and a half ago they told us we couldn’t start a movement. We did. They said we couldn’t raise money, and we outraised all the other Democratic campaigns,” she said.

Andrew Downs, Director of the Mike Downs Center for Indiana Politics, says that this is a skill that may be able to help create other leaders in the Democratic Party.


“We see, certainly in those candidates the ability to raise money and when you’re able to do that, you are able to provide the resources that make victories. Maybe what those two and a few others in the state should be thinking about is how do they become the king and queen makers of the next year and the year after,” he said.