WBOI Presents: Alternative Forms of Diplomacy, Espionage & Assassination

Jul 11, 2018

The title of this week's episode of WBOI Presents is Alternative Forms of Diplomacy: Espionage & Assassination. Governments and spy organizations have a history of all things cloak and dagger, sometimes with emphasis on the dagger. What are some of the methods used by spies throughout US and world history? What were some of history's most diabolical assassination attempts? How has espionage shaped the world as we know it? Andy Downs, Director of the Mike Downs Center for Indiana Politics, moderates a conversation that takes a deep dive into the world of spies, chryptography, assassins, and the regimes that have used them.

Panelists include: 

Deborah Bauer, Assistant Professor of History at PFW

Ann Livschiz, Associate Professor of History at PFW

Lachlan Whalen, Director of International Studies and Associate Professor of English at PFW


Our music is by Mark Waldick