WBOI Presents: February News Roundup 2019

Mar 7, 2019

February may be the shortest month, but always seems packed with news. WBOI Presents took some time to unpack some of the stories you may have missed, or may have heard and may want to hear again. From hate crimes legislation to recycled plastic, we cover a lot of ground on the February News Roundup.

Allen County Superior Court has utilized problem solving courts for many years, using the power of the judiciary to help address issues of substance abuse and recidivism. In February, officials added a Family Recovery Court to the Family Court division. They hope to see it help those battling addiction move toward reunification with their children who may have been deemed "Children In Need Of Services" or CHiNS. WBOI's Barb Anguiano explained.    

It is unclear, after years of trying, whether the Indiana legislature will pass a hate crimes bill. Many believe it is critical to the state's economic development, and doesn't help the reputation of a state with a history of racial tension. But many religious conservatives feel so-called "bias crimes" bills will prevent them from speaking openly about their faith in the manner they see fit.  WBOI spoke to clergy on both sides of this issue.

First, we talked with Dr. Peter Scaer, who spoke against the bill during a hearing earlier this year. Scaer is a founder of Shepherds United, a group of conservative clergy across denominational lines, as well as an associate professor of exegetical theology at Concordia Theological Seminary.

Then we talked with Rev. Dr. Timothy Murphy, of Plymouth Congregational Church. After a recent attempt to pass a hate crimes bill was stripped of "individual characteristics," Murphy and others issued a statement in favor of a tougher bill.

WBOI's Zach Bernard sat down with us to speak about what's been going on in Fort Wayne City Hall, as well as looking ahead to the upcoming municipal election. From the ongoing trash troubles to the movement of a historic building, WBOI has covered it all.

A widely-reported sting operation in Florida netting some well-known individuals and put alleged human trafficking back in the headlines during February, we spoke with a local activist about how he views the issue and its potential solutions.

WBOI's Julia Meek spoke with renowned artist Sayaka Ganz and her large-animal sculptures made from reclaimed plastics. Her work is featured in an exhibit at Artlink until March 22. 

We also looked back at our Question of the Month. Our new question for March is up! Please feel free to join in.

That brings us to the end of our monthly News Roundup. Thanks for making WBOI News and WBOI Presents part of your news diet.