WBOI Presents: NACS Education Forum

Jan 29, 2020

The full title of this week’s episode is the Northwest Allen County Schools Education Forum.

Part one:


  Part two:

Andy Downs, Director of the Mike Downs Center for Indiana Politics moderated a conversation focused on education issues. He was joined by Senator Dennis Kruse, Senator Liz Brown, Minority Leader Phil Giaquinta, and Representative David Abbott. During the first week of the 2020 legislative session of the General Assembly, the four lawmakers spent two hours at Carroll High School answering questions about education  posed by constituents.  

Special thanks to Northwest Allen County Schools and Charger Advocates for organizing this event and special thanks to Christopher Himsel, Lizette Downey, and Steve Pearson for facilitating our recording. Special thanks to Andy Downs for moderating the discussion. Our music is by Mark Waldick, Noah Campodonico, and Kurt Roembke. Our web producer is Loyal Vandenburg. Our production assistants are Monica Blankenship and Mikaela Veltum.