Young Fort Wayne Musician Shares Her Story On The Voice

Oct 27, 2017

Sixteen year old Addison Agen has been performing music here in Fort Wayne since she was two, in a variety of venues, including nursing homes, church, school, coffee houses, and even WBOI's Meet the Music sound stage.

Now her platform has soared to national levels and beyond, as she advances as a contestant on NBC's "The Voice."

Eager to learn first hand how this musical adventure is shaping the city's "local she-ro," WBOI's Julia Meek caught up with Addison in between recent battle and knockout rounds being fought for the remaining live show positions, to discuss how the passion for music all began, what it means to her, and where she's headed next.

Addison's competition continues in the upcoming Knockout Rounds on NBC's "The Voice." You can follow her adventures, and find out more about her album on the Addison Agen Music Facebook page.