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89.1 WBOI Bids Fond Farewell To "The Best Of Car Talk"

Richard Howard

Changes are coming to 89.1 WBOI’s weekend lineup in 2021.  Beginning Jan. 2nd, WBOI will no longer broadcast The Best of Car Talk, and will feature two new programs.  

Tom and Ray Magliozzi - affectionately known as Click and Clack - announced their retirement from Car Talk in 2012. NPR rebranded the program as The Best of Car Talk, culling segments from the Car Talk archives that spanned over thirty years. 

In 2017 NPR announced it would no longer be producing new episodes of The Best of Car Talk and has been distributing reruns of the show ever since.  

“WBOI always makes programming decisions with listeners’ interests in mind, and because of that we are one of few public radio stations in the country that still airs The Best of Car Talk.” WBOI program director Katy Anderson said. “In recent years however we have seen a decline in Car Talk’s listenership, signaling that it’s time to make room for something new.” 

The last broadcast of The Best of Car Talk on WBOI will be Sunday, Dec. 27. The following Saturday, Jan. 1, The WBOI Podcast Cafe will be heard Saturdays at 6 p.m., and Fresh Air Weekend with Terry Gross presented on Sundays at 12 p.m.

WBOI Podcast Cafe is a new program that will showcase locally produced podcasts like The I In Immigrant, Women Are: Fort Wayne, The Heart of the Hustle, and other new podcast offerings from NPR. 

Fresh Air Weekend is a collection of the best cultural segments from the week's Fresh Air with Terry Gross episodes, crafted together for great weekend listening.   

NPR will continue distributing weekly episodes of Car Talk via podcast.  Just go to or the NPR One app and subscribe.  

Thank you for your years of support and for listening.