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Taiwanese business groups signed a new two-year agreement Monday that increases the amount of corn and soybeans Taiwan companies purchase from Indiana. The new agreement comes at a time when many Hoosier farmers are struggling in part due to the ongoing trade war with China.

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As Congress wraps up an August recess and gets ready for a debate on gun safety, U.S. Rep. Greg Pence (R-District 6) says he’s worried about a “slippery slope” for gun owners.

Pence calls himself a “staunch Second Amendment defendant,”  but says he’s open to compromise.

“I’m open to any conversation that prevents – okay – let’s talk about how we prevent harm with weapons.”

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Economists say it could take years for the United States’ trade conflict with China to resolve and farmers are caught in the crossfire. With the growing threat of an economic downturn and talks with China stalling, Republican lawmakers are shifting their rhetoric hoping to hold onto the support of farmers.

David Miers has been farming in Decatur County for generations. He supported President Donald Trump in 2016, and serves on the Ag Committee for Indiana Senator Mike Braun.

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The U.S. Department of Agriculture released updated numbers Monday showing farmers planted more acres this spring than many private analysts expected. That’s one of several factors driving market prices lower for many farmers’ crops.

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New data shows that consumer could be paying less for food in the next ten years, but that comes at a cost to farmers.