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It will be months before a final decision comes in Attorney General Curtis Hill’s disciplinary case over allegations he groped four women.

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Attorney General Curtis Hill got to tell his side of the story Thursday at a disciplinary hearing that could determine whether he keeps his law license.

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A former employee of Curtis Hill’s when he was Elkhart County prosecutor testified Wednesday that he made an explicit sexual advance to her.

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Witnesses on day two of Curtis Hill’s disciplinary hearing say the Attorney General was “impaired,” “creepy” and “predatory” at a party last year.

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The four women who say Attorney General Curtis Hill inappropriately touched them took the stand Monday at a state disciplinary hearing.

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Attorney General Curtis Hill will defend his law license at a disciplinary hearing beginning Oct. 21.

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Attorney General Curtis Hill wants a federal court to rehear his appeal of a decision that halted enforcement of a 2017 anti-abortion bill.

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Federal and state authorities across the country announced Tuesday a crackdown on illegal robocalls.That includes nearly 100 targeted enforcement actions by federal, state and local law enforcement agencies.


Hoosiers reported losing more than $16 million from robocall scams last year. And Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill says the actual money lost is likely greater.


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Four women who say Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill groped them last year are suing Hill and the state in federal court.

Rep. Mara Candelaria Reardon (D-Munster), Gabrielle McLemore, Niki DaSilva and Samantha Lozano say Curtis Hill touched them inappropriately at a 2018 post-legislative session party. Hill denies those allegations.

But the lawsuit goes far beyond that. It includes allegations of what’s happened in the months since.

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Another chapter is about to unfold in the ongoing controversy surrounding Attorney General Curtis Hill and his alleged groping last year of four women.

Hill’s four accusers, Rep. Mara Candelaria Reardon (D-Munster) and three legislative staffers, will hold a press conference Tuesday.