Black Lives Matter

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Legislation debated in an Indiana Senate committee Thursday would ban local governments from ever decreasing police or fire department budgets, unless there’s a revenue shortfall.

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The ACLU has sued the principal and assistant-principal of Manchester High School in federal court, alleging they violated the First Amendment rights of a Black student.


In reporting and presenting a story on historic practices of racism, language and images that are offensive are included in this report. Reader discretion is advised.

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Central Indiana labor leaders and elected officials say they’re working on a number of issues, including the state’s gender pay gap and support for the federal HEROES Act. They discussed the issues Thursday night as part of a Labor Day Town Hall.


Leaders from Faith in Allen County joined community members today outside of the Allen County Courthouse to celebrate the release of Jorge Oliva from an ICE detainment center in Chicago.

Oliva was detained for three weeks before being granted a stay of deportation. Oliva’s friends and family, as well as Fort Wayne community members, called the office in Chicago submitting statements on Oliva’s character.

Oliva says he’s happy to be back in Fort Wayne, but that the fight for racial justice continues.

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For the second day in a row, residents took to the streets of Bloomington demanding accountability for those who assaulted a Black man at Lake Monroe on the 4th of July.

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The ACLU of Indiana sued the Allen County Sheriff’s Department and the Fort Wayne Police Department in federal court Friday for their use of tear gas and other weapons during recent protests in downtown Fort Wayne.


A similar lawsuit was filed against police in Marion County and Indianapolis. The lawsuit seeks damages and an injunction to prevent the further use of these weapons.


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For our show this week, we are hearing from Reverend Graylan Hagler, Pastor at Washington DC’s Plymouth Congregational Church. 


Medical health professionals gathered in front of the Allen County Courthouse Saturday to protest in support of Black Lives Matter.

Kristy Richardson is a nurse practitioner in Fort Wayne and organized the protest, called White Coats for Black Lives.


She says she’s never been unaware of the problems black people face, but that seeing the video of George Floyd’s death and the protests organized by other healthcare professionals around the county inspired her to show support.


Fort Wayne’s tumultuous protests downtown lead to clashes with police, teargas, broken windows and injuries.


On Friday evening, a small crowd began to gather on the Courthouse Green in downtown Fort Wayne. Many members of the crowd held signs, raised their fists over their head or chanted as cars passed by, heading down South Clinton Street.