coronavirus response

Lauren Chapman / IPB News

The Indiana Department of Correction is manufacturing personal protective equipment for first responders during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Photo provided by General Motors and Ventec Life Systems

President Donald Trump ordered General Motors on Friday to accelerate ventilator production under the Defense Production Act. 

The House is debating and then voting on the $2 trillion coronavirus relief package that the Senate passed earlier this week. Watch the floor proceedings live. 

Lauren Chapman / IPB News

Indiana’s National Guard is helping distribute supplies from the Strategic National Stockpile to hospitals across the state and is taking the lead as supplies come in.

Ball State Turns Parking Lot Into Free Community Wi-Fi Hotspot

Mar 26, 2020
Map: Ball State University

As people are told to stay-at-home to prevent the spread of coronavirus, that might not be possible for those who don’t have an internet connection or reliable service.  Now, Ball State University is turning a local parking into a Wi-Fi hotspot.

Known as the “stadium overflow lot” near the university’s baseball fields, the parking lot near the intersection of Tillotson and Bethel Avenues will become a Wi-Fi hotspot, where anyone can connect to the “bsuguest” network and use the high-speed connection.

(Hoosiers By The Numbers)

Nearly 3.3 million Americans filed to receive unemployment benefits last week, the most ever in one week according to the Department of Labor. That number includes almost 54,000 Hoosiers, as many businesses temporarily shut down due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Brandon Smith / IPB News

Indiana could move to a vote-by-mail-only primary election this year if the COVID-19 pandemic doesn’t improve in time.

Brandon Smith / IPB News

Indiana Workforce Development Commissioner Fred Payne says help is coming for the self-employed and independent contractors.

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School buildings are closed statewide for at least another month, and it's up to locally elected school boards to decide whether, and how, to pay hourly workers.

The number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Indiana has climbed to 365, according to the Indiana State Department of Health on Tuesday. The agency says as testing ramps up, the number of confirmed cases will continue to rise. Nearly 3,000 tests have been reported to ISDH.