COVID-19 response

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Fort Wayne's freelance arts and culture writer Steve Penhollow is keeping himself and his followers entertained these days with a Facebook group he started that's devoted solely to Lockdown Humor.

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The City of Fort Wayne is receiving approximately $1.7 million in emergency funding from the Department of Housing & Urban Development as part of the federal CARES Act, the coronavirus relief act.

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Now that Stage 2 of the Governor's Back on Track Indiana plan is in effect, retail businesses are scurrying to meet new standards and retrain employees, and some local restaurants have already modified their operations and opened their doors.

WBOI Presents: April News Roundup 2020

May 9, 2020
Joel Chidls, Justin Hicks, Julia Meek

This week on WBOI Presents, we are listening back to stories from this past month for our April News Roundup.

Credit/Courtesy/Arts United

As independent artists, musicians and creatives face another month of unemployment due to venue closings and restrictions, Arts United and the Community Foundation of Greater Fort Wayne have joined forces to launch an Artist Relief Fund.

Courtesy/FWKid's Zoo

Now that the second stage of the governor's Back on Track Indiana plan has gone into effect and restrictions for gathering are being cautiously eased on this new schedule, the community grows more and more eager for the Fort Wayne Children's Zoo to open.

As one of 230 zoos and aquariums across the country facing the same challenges to follow guidelines and establishing contingency plans, the Kid's Zoo, with its population of more than one thousand animals continuously ranks among the top in the U.S. 

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Through the Unity Barber Shop on the city's south side, its owner, Foundation One has provided a vital community connection for nearly thirty years.


Fort Wayne author, textile artist and photographer Bonnie Tobey Manning is honing her creativity as well as her good humor during the COVID-19 stay-home order with a little exercise she simply calls "Framed."

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In what has turned out to be a weekly update since the COVID-19 coronavirus was labeled a pandemic, Fort Wayne and Allen County officials gathered Wednesday at noon to provide an update to the community.

Middle Waves / via Facebook

As the coronavirus has kept stay-at-home orders at the state and local level and future events remain clouded in uncertainty, Middle Waves has announced the cancelation of its 2020 music festival.


Set to return after a one-year hiatus for the upcoming weekend of June 12-13 on the Electric Works campus to the public, event organizers announced the official postponement of the event early Monday. Organizers say they are working with artists and bands to reschedule for 2021, and hope to ensure a “similar” lineup to the one scheduled for June.