This week on WBOI Presents, we are listening back to a presentation from Superintendent of Public Instruction Jennifer McCormick.


Allen County school and health department officials met today to announce closures of the county’s public schools for the next month. Ella Abbott reports.

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A last-minute change to a bill at the Statehouse in the days before the 2020 legislative session came to an end opens the door for charter schools to receive property tax funding through referendum measures. Lawmakers approved the multi-purpose bill on the last day of session after more than an hour debating the language.


By round 12 of the Journal Gazette’s Regional Spelling Bee this weekend, there were only two spellers left in the competition - but it went on for another 15 rounds.

Two elementary schoolers went back and forth on Saturday, spelling and misspelling words, until the final champion emerged.

Jude Hoeffel from Garrett Middle School finally clinched the title with the word: Ferrier.

He says he’s always felt like a natural speller and that’s what led him to the bee.


At a local elementary school, young students are learning how to create a close-up, how to read a script and what exactly a 'two-shot' is. Sitting in front of two TV-grade cameras, kindergartners are building communication skills by learning to do newscasts.

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A new data tool from the state aims to make it easier for families to access school information.

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Lawmakers proposed more than 100 education bills but the number still alive has dwindled to just about two dozen.

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A proposal to separate student test scores from teacher evaluations at the state level is making progress through the legislature, and the state’s largest teachers union says it could draw more young people to the profession. 

Indiana teachers have long pressed for the state to remove requirements that student test scores be used in their evaluations and this year, it seems like lawmakers are on board. A bill to nix the requirement already passed the House – and won unanimous approval. 

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The full title of this week’s episode is the Northwest Allen County Schools Education Forum.

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After proposing more than 100 education bills, lawmakers face a key legislative deadline next week. House lawmakers proposed fewer education-focused bills than the Senate, but only about a dozen made it through to the session’s next half.