Fort Wayne Authors

Courtesy/Michael Martone

While author and Fort Wayne native Michael Martone has been a professor at the University of Alabama's creative Writing departent since 1996, his ever-growing list of books and accolades continues to reflect his fondness for all things Hoosier.

Shane Spencer

Fort Wayne author, Laura Bonano has taken a look at the large and small wonders of life in her debut book, entitled "Why Is There a Toothbrush in the Bushes."

Courtesy/Holly Niner

Holly Niner is a New York state native, now living in Fort Wayne, who loves reading a good book almost as much as she enjoys writing one. Children's picture books are her specialty, and she has four titles under her belt now, two of them completed just this year.

Courtesy/Deborah Kennedy

Deborah Kennedy, a Fort Wayne native, now residing in the Portland, Oregon area, is an author whose unique Hoosier perspective is captured in her brand new debut novel, "Tornado Weather."

Cindy LeMaster

If you're looking for an entertaining read, or a new look at life, Fort Wayne attorney, Mark Smith's new novel just might fill that need.