Fort Wayne Authors

Courtesy/Lynn Cullen

Award winning author Lynn Cullen is a Fort Wayne native who draws heavily on her childhood memories to spin the plot of her latest novel, The Sisters of Summit Avenue.

Courtesy/Carol Butler

Fort Wayne author Carol Butler has a new book out for young readers that shares her own family memories and recipes, called Mama Joe's Kitchen.

Maxamillian J. Meyer

Fort Wayne attorney Mark Smith is becoming known for writing humorous, larger-than-life fiction, and he's done it again with his 3rd novel. Rock & Roll Voodoo.

Ruth Yaro Photography

After winning a lifelong battle with food addiction and losing one hundred pounds in about a year, Fort Wayne resident Emily Boller has chronicled that journey in a new book titled Starved to Obesity.

Courtesy/Helen Frost

Helen Frost is an accomplished writer and educator, living in Fort Wayne, whose works and tips on her craft will be showcased at the Fort Wayne Writers Guild's quarterly Writers Talk this coming Sunday at Wunderkammer Company.