George Floyd protests

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Central Indiana labor leaders and elected officials say they’re working on a number of issues, including the state’s gender pay gap and support for the federal HEROES Act. They discussed the issues Thursday night as part of a Labor Day Town Hall.

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Allen County Prosecutor Karen Richards announced Monday that 45 of the more than 100 charges filed after weekends of violent protests in Fort Wayne will be dismissed.

The decision comes after more than 500 hours of video review by a diverse cross-section of Richards’ staff in the weeks since the protests.

Fort Wayne became one of many communities around the world embroiled in protests against racial injustice in the wake of George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis.

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Fort Wayne City Council will discuss the purchase and potential requirement of body cameras for the city’s police department during its meeting Tuesday.

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Reverend Angelo Mante, pastor of Peace and Justice at Faith United Methodist Church in the city's southeast quadrant, is also the founder and executive director of Alive Community Outreach.

From that platform as well as the pulpit, Mante hopes to cultivate a community of nonviolence through relationships and education.

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For the second day in a row, residents took to the streets of Bloomington demanding accountability for those who assaulted a Black man at Lake Monroe on the 4th of July.

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Local activists and family members want an area immigrant released from immigration detention and on Thursday staged a phone bank on the steps of the Allen County Courthouse.


It was the second time there this week for the group, organized by Faith In Allen County, to protest the detention and pending deportation of Jorge Oliva.


Oliva was arrested for resisting law enforcement, rioting, failure to disperse, and obstructing traffic in mid-June as part of the ongoing protests in support of racial justice.

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Protesters gathered outside the Allen County Prosecutor's house yesterday (Sunday), asking that charges be dropped against non-violent offenders who were arrested as a result of the protests at the end of May.


The protest formed on the median outside of Prosecutor Karen Richards home at about 2 p.m. About a half an hour later, Richards came outside to engage with protesters at the end of her driveway.


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The ACLU of Indiana sued the Allen County Sheriff’s Department and the Fort Wayne Police Department in federal court Friday for their use of tear gas and other weapons during recent protests in downtown Fort Wayne.


A similar lawsuit was filed against police in Marion County and Indianapolis. The lawsuit seeks damages and an injunction to prevent the further use of these weapons.


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The temporary "outdoor gallery' lining storefronts in downtown Fort Wayne and the attention it has attracted all  stems from the first response by the Alyssum Montessori School to the vandalism of its building caused by protest marchers on the night of Friday, May 29th.

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Fort Wayne Mayor Tom Henry, Police Chief Steve Reed and other local faith and government officials came together Thursday to unveil an “action plan” for addressing public safety and racial justice.