Indiana budget

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Gov. Eric Holcomb’s new state budget proposal would spend $1.13 billion over the next two years on one-time initiatives. And almost none of that would be direct relief for Hoosiers struggling during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

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There will likely be little to no new money for schools, state programs and agencies in the next Indiana state budget. Lawmakers predict a “flatline” in the budget’s first year after the latest revenue forecast.

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Indiana faced a $900 million hole in its finances in the fiscal year that ended last month.

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Indiana fiscal officials expect the state to fall between $3 to 4 billion short of its current two-year state budget.

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Indiana will not cut funding for K-12 schools, according to Gov. Eric Holcomb. At a press conference Wednesday, he said the state's budget for K-12 schools approved by lawmakers in 2019 will remain on track, despite revenue shortfalls spurred by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Indiana didn’t collect quite as much in taxes last month as it hoped – though the state still headed into the COVID-19 crisis in a strong financial position.

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Indiana has collected more in taxes so far this new fiscal year than budget writers planned for.

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Hoosier taxpayers won’t get an automatic state taxpayer refund in 2019 despite record-level budget reserves.


A change from 2013 explains why the refund wasn’t triggered.


General Assembly Passes Two-Year Budget

Apr 25, 2019

Hoosiers now know what the state budget will look like for the next two years. It boosts funding for education, but schools with declining enrollment will still lose money.