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Justin Hicks / IPB News

New claims for unemployment benefits have been steadily rising since mid-October. Economists say it’s further proof that COVID-19 – not government restrictions – is hurting the economy.

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Justin Hicks / IPB News

The small amount of economic growth Indiana University economists forecasted a year ago vanished with the pandemic. Authors of the 2021 forecast expect that it will take next year and beyond to fully recover.

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If Indiana wants to attract certain businesses, the state will have to help them go green. That’s what speakers representing economic development organizations told members of the state’s 21st Century Energy Policy Development Task Force. 

What Do The U.S. GDP Numbers Mean For Indiana?

Jul 30, 2020
Lauren Chapman / IPB News

The U.S. economy showed its largest decline in more than 70 years last quarter. The broad measure of economic activity also points to areas where Indiana is struggling.