Julia Meek

Courtesy/Lynn Cullen

Award winning author Lynn Cullen is a Fort Wayne native who draws heavily on her childhood memories to spin the plot of her latest novel, The Sisters of Summit Avenue.


As Creative Women of the World continues to flourish in its second decade of operation, founder, Lorelei Verlee, is passing the directorship of its retail store in downtown Fort Wayne to local women's advocate, Lynne Gilmore.

Courtesy/Planet Love

Tanya Zabinski, a traveling artist from New York, is making her debut as author illustrator this month with Peace, Love, Action!: Everyday Acts of Goodness.

Courtesy/Deer Park Irish Pub

As the season winds to a close, Deer Park Irish Pub is pitching a tent and commemorating Woodstock's 50th anniversary with its own summer festival this Saturday, called--get ready for it--Deerstock.

Ellie Bogue

After three medical mission assignments in Haiti, local photojournalist and writer Ellie Bogue is showing a selection of that work at the Unitarian Universalist Church Gallery through September 22nd.