Julia Meek

Courtesy/Shakespeare at Pendleton

Since Huntington University's Jack Heller began the Shakespeare at Pendleton program in 2015, there's been, well, a lot of drama.

Bambi Guthrie

Artists Jerrod and Kara Tobias, along with eighteen or so other Fort Wayne creatives, are getting ready to bring the spirit of psychedelic art into the 21st century perspective with a show at Wunderkammer Company called Set & Setting: An Immersive Psych Installation.

Courtesy/Journal Gazette

Local authors Laura Weston and Keith Elchert share an interest in regional history and good food that has resulted in their third collaboration, a brand new book called Classic Restaurants of Fort Wayne.

John Dawkins

Young's Greenhouse and Flower Shop is a family owned and operated, full service florist, greenhouse and garden business that opened its doors here in Fort Wayne back in 1873.

David Mikautadze

Former Indiana Poet Laureate George Kalamaras continues to convert his passions to poems, and his latest collection is now being turned into a multi-media collaborative performance with theMikautadze Dance Theatre.