Julia Meek

Anna Webber

Two-time Rock and Roll Hall of Famer David Crosby, who's in the midst of what many of his fans call "the brilliant third act of his career," has just begun a major nationwide tour and is headed for the Honeywell Center in Wabash, Indiana on Thursday, August 22nd.

Courtesy/Alex Hall

You may not remember this far back, but transitioning from crib to a "big kid bed" can be a scary proposition, so Hamilton, Indiana author, Jessie Strock and Fort Wayne artist, Alex Hall have combined forces to publish a brand new children's book on that topic called The Zookeeper.

Courtesy/Harvester Homecoming

Although International Harvester's last Scout rolled off the assembly line here in Fort Wayne in the early 1980's, its memory is still alive and well, and ready to be celebrated at the inaugural Harvester Homecoming this Saturday.

Courtesy/2nd Street Lofts

The city of Decatur, Indiana continues to focus on the arts and culture scene in a big way since launching its Sculpture Project in 2012, most recently partnering with the Biggs Group to build a Creative Engagement Center and living spaces in the heart of downtown.

Courtesy/Sweets So Geek

Since its doors first opened in 2014, Chad and Heather Seewald's multi-faceted confectionary, Sweets So Geek, has grown sweeter by the year, so much so that it's finally outgrowing that original location on North Anthony Boulevard.