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Lauren Chapman / IPB News

Indiana’s syringe exchange programs will get “another year of certainty” after a bill extending them was sent to the governor Thursday. 

WBOI Presents: February News Roundup 2020

Mar 4, 2020
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This week, our news team is looking back at some of the biggest stories from February.


Houses Passes Bill To Extend Syringe Exchanges

Mar 3, 2020
FILE PHOTO: Jake Harper / Side Effects Public Media

Indiana’s syringe exchange programs are one step closer to staying open another year. The Indiana House passed a bill Tuesday that includes language to extend the programs.

FILE PHOTO: Jake Harper / Side Effects

Lawmakers pushed back the death sentence for Indiana’s syringe exchange programs by one year under legislation approved by a Senate committee.

Indiana House leaders’ announcement Thursday that they’ll try to extend syringe exchange programs by at least one year is welcome news to health officials like Michelle Matern.

Lauren Chapman / IPB News

Indiana House leaders say they’ll try to extend – by at least one year – local syringe exchange programs that are set to expire in 2021.

Needle Exchange Programs Could End Summer 2021

Feb 11, 2020
Steve Burns / WFIU/WTIU News

  Needle exchange programs in Indiana could be discontinued as early as summer 2021.

This comes as Bill 207 died on the floor Tuesday. The bill proposed lifting the expiration date on a 2015 initiative which allowed local health departments to run needle exchange programs.

Senator Jim Merritt authored Bill 207. He says that even though the bill terminating the expiration date of needle exchange programs died, he hopes to find another way to extend those services.

Report: Indiana Losing Out On Federal Opioid Funding

Aug 27, 2019
Jake Harper / Side Effects Public Media

A new analysis explores disparities in federal funding for the opioid crisis and finds Indiana is one of the states that may be getting short changed.


On Thursday, the state health commissioner declared a public health emergency for Allen County. That declaration allows the county to establish a syringe services program, or an SSP.


On Monday, the Allen County Board of Commissioners approved a needle exchange program to curb the spread of hepatitis and HIV with a two-to-one vote.