Every year, WBOI brings an NPR voice to northeast Indiana as part of our NPR Speaker Series. Retired Host of All Things Considered Robert Siegel visited Fort Wayne this past month.

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Nina Totenberg has a lot of superlatives to her name.

As NPR's Legal Affairs Correspondent, she's a built a career as a legendary journalist, with a voice and style all her own. She's won countless awards for her work covering the U.S. Supreme Court and other legal matters. And she’s one of NPR’s "Founding Mothers," the group of female reporters who shaped the network from its earliest days.

One thing she's not: a fortune-teller.

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President Andrew Jackson has become a towering, mythic figure in American history.

In grade school, children learn that he was a man of humble beginnings who rose to become president, of his heroism in war, and of his expansion of the United States.

They also learn about the Trail of Tears, the forced removal of Native Americans from their homes in the South and the march to Western reservations, along which thousands died.

Interview: Guy Raz, Host of NPR's TED Radio Hour

Mar 11, 2015
Kaimaz Amaria

Guy Raz loves big ideas. And he’s not afraid of taking big risks here and there.