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The Fort Wayne Health Center operated by Planned Parenthood of Kentucky and Indiana INC. officially opened September 3, just over a year after it closed due to protests.


Planned Parenthood plans to stop taking money from the federal Title X program. That has some health providers worried about the potential impact on rural and low-income Hoosiers. 

HHS officials say organizations ultimately had to make a decision – comply and continue to receive federal funding or provide abortion services and lose federal dollars. 

Local Planned Parenthood Office Shuts Due To Harassment

Jul 9, 2018
Araceli Gomez-Aldana / WBOI

Planned Parenthood of Indiana and Kentucky will be closing its Fort Wayne health center.

Indiana Scores "D+" For Reproductive Rights By Research Report

Apr 6, 2018
Institute for Women’s Policy Research

The Institute for Women’s Policy Research announced their results for its Employment and Earnings Index and Poverty and Opportunity Index this week. States are graded on six areas and Indiana scored a “D+” in the reproductive rights category.