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Goshen, Indiana, is a little blue dot in a mostly red, rural county. Its Main Street is a simple two-lane street, but gets a lot of traffic being one of the most direct ways in and out of town. 

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Allen County Councilman Larry Brown resigned Monday morning, days after controversial statements during a recent county council meeting.

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Nearly 100 people were arrested in Fort Wayne over the course of a weekend filled with protests that devolved into clashes with police.

According to court records, most of them are charged with refusing to leave an emergency incident area and disorderly conduct, both misdemeanor charges.

  While the arrests occurred Friday and Saturday evenings, those picked up were held over the weekend in the Allen County Jail without bond. Hearings were held Monday in Allen Superior Court’s misdemeanor divisions.

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Over the weekend, hundreds of demonstrators across Indiana joined national protests against police violence. Most of the protesters were largely peaceful. Police clashed with crowds in response to thrown objects and vandalism by firing tear gas, pepper spray pellets and flares.

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Black scientists and outdoor enthusiasts are sharing photos of themselves in the great outdoors in honor of #BlackBirdersWeek. It’s in response to an incident in New York City’s Central Park, where a white woman walking her dog called the police on an African American bird watcher. 

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Gov. Eric Holcomb says he’ll continue to work on his “to-do list” for addressing systemic racism and injustice in Indiana.

Holcomb Monday spoke about this past weekend’s protests over racial injustice and police brutality, particularly against black Americans.

He did not directly address the latter issue – he only praised what he calls “restraint” shown by law enforcement. There were multiple reports of police in Indiana using tear gas on peaceful protesters, before demonstrations became violent.