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July brought a controversial local holiday, further crack downs on immigration nationally, and the death of a beloved icon in the local arts community. For this month's News Roundup on WBOI Presents, we take a closer look at these stories and more. Thank you for joining us.

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Science Central is trying to raise money to build a planetarium at its location, and it announced another financial commitment from a local entity Wednesday morning.


A Legacy Fund request of $500,000 to fund a planetarium at Science Central was put on hold indefinitely by City Council Tuesday night.

Martin Fisher

On this episode of WBOI Presents: In Session, we are joined by Martin Fisher from Science Central. Our conversation focused on astronomy. What were some of the biggest stories from the cosmos in 2018? What do we expect to learn about outer space in the coming year? How does NASA partner with private agencies and do we play nice with space programs from other countries? WBOI Presents: In Session goes interstellar. Thank you for listening.

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Science Central launched a new temporary exhibit Saturday morning, which will be open until Memorial Day weekend.