Wayne High School


On this episode of WBOI Presents: In Session, we are joined by Felisa Cockrell, an English teacher and speech coach at Wayne High School, and Aliyah Armstrong, a 2020 graduate from Wayne. Our conversation focused on poetry. How can poetry change hearts and minds in conversations about racial justice? How does the genre speak to young people? What has the pandemic been like for teachers and 2020 graduates? That’s all on this episode of WBOI Presents: In Session.

WBOI Presents: March News Roundup 2019

Apr 4, 2019
Daniel Church, Felisa Cockrell, Chelsea Wardrop, and Wikicommons

The month of March saw continued work at the Indiana statehouse, the Division III version of the NCAA's March Madness, and the death of longtime Hoosier politician and statesman Sen. Birch Bayh.