Lauren Chapman / IPB News

  A decade-long legal battle between the state and tech giant IBM is nearing its conclusion.


Then-Gov. Mitch Daniels signed a 10-year contract worth more than $1 billion with IBM in 2006 to overhaul the state’s welfare system. That contract was canceled just three years later after disastrous implementation.


The two sides sued each other, each seeking money over the canceled contract. After a lengthy legal fight, the courts eventually ruled that IBM owes the state about $78 million.


Brandon Smith / Indiana Public Broadcasting

A Senate committee Wednesday dramatically scaled back the scope of a bill creating a drug testing program for welfare recipients.

Brookville Republican Representative Jud McMillin’s bill originally required all welfare recipients to take a written pre-screening test meant to determine a likelihood of addiction.  Recipients who showed that likelihood were then eligible to be randomly drug-tested – with their welfare benefits potentially at risk after several failed tests. 

Hoosiers on welfare could be subject to drug testing under legislation approved by the Indiana Senate Wednesday.