Daniels wants candidate input on ACA decisions

Aug 10, 2012

Under the Affordable Care Act, states must make a series of decisions regarding health care.  Two of those decisions require answers this year, and Governor Mitch Daniels is reaching out to the state’s gubernatorial candidates for input. In letters to the three gubernatorial candidates, Governor Daniels says he’s seeking their input because the costs and consequences of the decisions required this year will be borne by the next administration.   By the end of 2012, the state must decide whether to use a federal or state health insurance exchange (a kind of marketplace for insurers and consumers) and establish an essential health benefits package.   In a statement, GOP candidate Mike Pence says he’s still preparing a written response to Daniels and criticized the Affordable Care Act, calling for its repeal.   Gubernatorial hopeful John Gregg’s communications director Daniel Altman says the Democratic candidate only received the letter Thursday morning. “John looks forward to talking with Governor Daniels about ways to make health care more affordable and more accessible for all Hoosiers,” Altman said. Libertarian candidate Rupert Boneham could not be reached for comment.