Business and Corporate Underwriters

Align your business with excellence as a supporter of WBOI and WBNI

Capture the Public Radio Halo Effect

  • Listeners commonly attribute to business sponsors the same credibility, respect, and community focus as the public radio programming that they hear every day
  • 60% of listeners assert that their perception of a company is more positive when it supports public radio
  • All other things equal, a majority of listeners will choose to do business with a public radio sponsor over a non-sponsoring business
  • 80% of listeners take action based on public radio sponsorship messages

Connect with one of the most demographically attractive audiences in all media

  • Over 37,000 listeners across 14 counties
  • Over 50% between ages 25-54
  • Educated—Three times more likely than the average U.S. adult to have bachelor’s and graduate degrees
  • Professional—Twice as likely as the average U.S. adult to work in top management
  • Affluent—median household income of more than $92K versus the national average of about $59K

Compose a strategic addition to your marketing plan

  • Custom announcements and schedules to fit almost any marketing strategy and budget
  • All production completed in-house
  • Access to two FM frequencies with distinct programming: 89.1 WBOI News and Diverse Music and Classical 94.1 WBNI
  • Sponsorships for WBOI Events

Contact Mark Sitz for more information about beginning your business’s underwriting partnership

Additional Resources:

  • National Public Media: Our friends at NPM have designed a beautiful website with a wealth of information about public radio and the advantages of underwriting.