Family Farm’s Sunflower Maze Attracts Thousands Of Visitors

Jul 20, 2018

The farm has welcomes guests from all over the country.
Credit Lindsey Wright / WFIU/WTIU News

  A farm just North West of Terre Haute is growing in popularity thanks to its sunflower maze.

L&A Family Farms is located in Paris, Illinois and offers guests the opportunity to walk through a maze.

The family started the attraction just three years ago, greeting about 300 people the first year, but that quickly jumped to around 7,000 the following year.

Nathan Augustus works on the farm. He says they’ve welcomed people from all over the country.

“When you come out here and you just see a full five acres of sunflowers in full bloom, it just kind of takes your breath away a little bit. It takes you back, you don’t expect it,” Augustus says.

The family started the attraction just three years ago. (Lindsey Wright, WFIU/WTIU News)

Augustus says the family wanted to peak people’s interest in learning about where their food comes from and thought this would be a good way to get people to come visit.

The farm has expanded the maze a little each year. The peak blooming period for sunflowers only lasts a few days, so Augustus says they have five sunflower fields planted at different times. They’re all five acres in size, and which maze guests go through depends on when they visit.

Augustus says it takes a couple days to cut out the maze. This year, they cut out the phrase “Marry Me?” in one of the fields for a surprise proposal.

Augustus says it takes a couple days to cut out the maze. (L&A Family Farms)

The maze will be open through at least the end of August. Those interested in seeing the sunflower maze can check L&A Family Farm’s website for updates on how the sunflowers are looking.