Public Art Commission Gets Two New Appointments

Jun 13, 2018

Credit Arts United

Fort Wayne’s Public Art Commission has two new members.

The 13-member commission was established in conjunction with the Public Art Fund in March. City Council can appoint two members, and made their selections during Tuesday night’s meeting.

Local artists Theoplis Smith and Tom Smith, no relation, were chosen to serve on the commission. Theoplis, also known as “Phresh Laundry,” is best known for paintings, murals and live art. Tom is a fine art dealer and former member of City Council.

Councilman Glynn Hines nominated Theoplis for the post:

“He’s worked on a number of displays throughout our community and most recently, as noted, he actually painted while the Philharmonic orchestra played at the Embassy an outstanding piece of work,” said Hines.

Terms for commissioners are scattered: Theoplis will serve four years, Tom will serve three. The full commision is made up of the following parties:

  • Arts United of Greater Fort Wayne (President or appointee)
  • Artlink (Executive Director or Appointee)
  • Fort Wayne Museum of Art (President and CEO or appointee)
  • University of Saint Francis School of Creative Arts (Dean or appointee)
  • Purdue University Fort Wayne College of Visual and Performing Arts (Dean or appointee)
  • City of Fort Wayne Parks and Recreation (Executive Director or appointee)
  • City of Fort Wayne Department of Planning and Policy (Deputy Director or appointee)
  • Two (2) residents appointed by the Fort Wayne City Council. Representatives must be residents of Fort Wayne.
  • Two (2) representatives appointed by the Mayor of Fort Wayne. Representatives must be residents of Fort Wayne.
  • Two (2) practicing artists or design professionals appointed by the other members of the Commission. Representatives must by residents of Fort Wayne.