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Betty Fishman has been a prominent figure on Fort Wayne's arts scene since the 1950's--as artist and educator, as well as gallery director, advocate and collector.

This week on WBOI Presents we offer a look back on the news and coverage from the month of August. We'll expand on some stories you heard here, and we'll offer a few stories that will be new to you.

First up, we take a look at the News-Sentinel, which is down to one remaining reporter/columnist in an online-only venture that's a shadow of the Pulitzer Prize winner's former self.

Ben Clemmer

The League for the Blind and Disabled partnered with the University of Saint Francis for an art exhibit that opened last week. The show called “Sensing Beauty: A Multi-Sensory Art Experience” lives up to its name.

Kristin Miller, assistant professor of public relations, helped build the partnership between the university and the League for the Blind and Disabled.

“They needed a friend-raiser, an opportunity for their donors and their consumers to interact in some way.”

Bill Scott

This past Saturday, the University of Saint Francis football team won the NAIA National Championship for the second straight year. The undefeated USF Cougars came into the game at Municipal Stadium in Daytona Beach riding a 22 game winning streak. 

After winning a national championship in December of 2016, the University of Saint Francis extended Head Coach Kevin Donley’s contract through 2021. Donley’s Cougars haven’t lost a game since.

“Winning one is quite an accomplishment. To do it back to back really kind of puts the university in an elite category.”

Mollie Shutt

Plays and musicals are put on throughout the year in northeast Indiana and in November, the University of Saint Francis put on '"Sister Act." The lead role, originally played by Whoopi Goldberg in the 1992 film, was brought to life by Fatima Washington. Fatima is a friend of the station. She’s been on WBOI’s Meet the Music and she joined us in the studio in early December to talk about her experience donning the habit.