Indiana Nonprofit Helps Visually Impaired Hoosiers Connect With Employers, Training

Dec 2, 2019

Workers at Bosma Enterprises with visual impairments packaging products.
Credit Courtesy of Bosma Enterprises

While unemployment rates stay low in Indiana, almost two-thirds of Hoosiers who are blind or visually impaired are jobless. One nonprofit in Indianapolis is trying to change that by giving training and jobs to people with visual impairments. 

More than half of Bosma Enterprises employees are blind or visually impaired. They work in jobs ranging from warehousing to producing surgical gloves and ice melt. The nonprofit also partners with Indiana companies interested in hiring visually impaired workers. 

Jeff Mittman, the CEO of Bosma Enterprises, says employers struggling to hire workers in a tight labor market should consider people with blindness for their workforce.

“The blind and visually impaired community is a huge source of people, but you know the biggest obstacle that people who are blind or visually impaired face is not their own abilities, but the misperception of others,” Mittman says. 

Proceeds from business partnerships and the purchase of the company’s ice melt go back into workforce programs for blind and visually impaired Hoosiers. 

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