WBOI Presents: A Pandemic, In A Pandemic, In A Load Of Laundry At CreativeMornings

Sep 4, 2020

This week, we are bringing you a talk from CreativeMornings’ monthly breakfast series. We’ll hear from Theoplis Smith and his talk was called “A Pandemic, in a Pandemic, in a Load of Laundry.” He also worked on a painting while giving his talk.

This presentation was recorded outdoors, so you will hear some road noise in the background. Please keep that in mind if you are listening while driving. The next voice you’ll hear will be CreativeMornings host Kara Hackett introducing Smith. Please enjoy the show.

This has been an episode of WBOI Presents. Special thanks to Kara Hackett, Davonta Beckham, Colin Madden and the rest of the CreativeMornings team for making this show possible. Thank you to WBOI’s Ella Abbott for providing the audio for this program. Additional content from WBOI Presents and our community partners can be found at WBOI.org. Our music is by Mark Waldick, Noah Campodonico and Kurt Roembke. Our web producer is Loyal Vandenburg. Our production assistants are Monica Blankenship, Diahmynd Thomas, and Mikaela Veltum.