Arts Interview

Wunderkammer Company will be kicking off Fort Wayne's first ever Design Week on Monday.

Courtesy/Arena Dinner Theatre

 Every decade has its defining TV moment, and Fort Wayne's Arena Dinner Theatre brings one from the 70's to life with its production of "Frost/Nixon."


Artlink's Second Chances Exhibit opens this Friday and gives visitors a chance to learn about redemption, up close and personal.

Courtesy/Historic Fort Wayne

While many hobbies are leisurely "sit-down" pursuits, Historic Fort Wayne's Old Fort provides the unique opportunity for living history enthusiasts to get active --and re-enact.

Courtesy/John Two-Hawks

Lakota Native American John Two-Hawks is a world-renowned flute virtuoso devoted to changing lives with his music.

And this Tuesday evening, he's joining with popular Finnish vocalist Johanna Kurkela for a special NOEL Concert to benefit the Three Rivers Art Center for kids, also known as TRACK, at Sweetwater Auditorium.