The Princess and the Butler

Feb 28, 2018
Tia McFarthing

  Once upon a time, there lived a Nigerian princess named Lola Almani. She lived in a huge castle filled with servants, cooks and ancient art. Lola was turning 20 in one week and was searching for a husband.

Lisa Ryan, WBOI News

For students entering school for the first time, one of the biggest challenges is learning how to act in a classroom. In an effort to prepare these potentially at-risk students, United Way of Allen County offers a four-week summer program.

Baby Falcons Will Soon Soar Over Fort Wayne

May 12, 2017
Nick Janzen/IPB News

School children met Fort Wayne's newest Peregrine falcons atop the Indiana-Michigan Power building Friday, as biologists banded the birds by placing a small cuff with a tracking number on their legs.  

Pam Whitacre, a volunteer with Soarin' Hawk Raptor Rehabilitation Center, says its goal is to protect the birds from endangerment.

“We’re passionate about birds,” says Whitacre, “and we want to get the education out there to let people know how important raptors are to the environment.”

Peter Balonon-Rosen / Indiana Public Broadcasting

Depending on the season, Indiana farms employ between 2,000 and 20,000 migrant farm workers. When workers migrate, often their families do, too.

Children in this mobile lifestyle can face interrupted schooling, cultural and language barriers, and social isolation — factors that inhibit a child’s ability to do well in school.