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FILE PHOTO: Rebecca Green / WBOI

The Fort Wayne Community Schools board of trustees voted unanimously to approve the contract between the district and the Fort Wayne Education Association on Monday.

The contract covers July 1, 2021 through June 30, 2023 and includes a 4 percent increase to teachers’ salaries each year. By the end of the contract years, the salary range will be $43,998 to $77,330 with retroactive pay to July 1, 2021.


The Northwest Allen County Schools board of trustees read the first version of an update to its public participation bylaws on Monday.

The meeting was held virtually without public comment for the second time this month. The change in format came after the district announced it would be suspending public comment following security concerns from the Allen County Sheriff’s Department.

The district said the change would only persist until the board decided how to hold meetings with public comment safely.

Rebecca Green / WBOI

Correction: An earlier version of this story failed to mention the FWCS contract has not yet been ratified.


The East Allen County Schools Board of Trustees unanimously approved the collective bargaining agreement made between East Allen County Schools and the East Allen Educators Association.

The board expressed sweeping support for the agreement during the vote, calling it very competitive.


The Northwest Allen County Schools board of trustees voted to extend the district’s mask mandate until winter break following a heated discussion Wednesday.


The extension passed with a 3-2 vote, the only nays coming from board president Kent Sommers and board member Steve Bartkus. Sommers and Bartkus have both expressed hesitancy to require masks in the schools in the past.


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The Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend will be holding a special mass of remembrance and healing on the 175th anniversary of the forced removal of the Miami tribe.

Ella Abbott / WBOI News

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend responded Tuesday to sexual abuse allegations against a Columbia City parish priest encouraging victims to come forward.

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Fort Wayne Community Schools and the local teacher’s union presented a tentative two-year contract to the school board on Monday.


Fort Wayne United announced a new initiative today that will provide stipends to families of homicide victims to help them pay for burials.


United Response is an expansion of Fort Wayne UNITED’s Meals 4 Healing program, which was created to help serve families who’ve lost loved ones to homicide.

The new program looks at the financial cost of losing a loved one to a sudden act of violence and looks to offset those costs in order to help begin the grieving process.


School districts in Allen County have been trying to figure out how to keep students in school and learning during the surge COVID-19. School boards have announced decisions on masks and quarantines and the policies differ from one district to the next.


Allen County Health Commissioner Dr. Matthew Sutter discussed how these disparate policies affect attempts to contain the virus.


FILE PHOTO: Rebecca Green / WBOI

Northwest Allen County Schools responded to a lawsuit filed by a group of parents on behalf of their children on Monday.