Julia Meek

Courtesy/Tim Johnson

Oil painter, Tim Johnson, is a Fort Wayne native, with a passion for the craft he pursues to the fullest--here, as well as at his 2nd live-in studio space, in Seborga, Italy.

Courtesy/Heartland Sings

With its new company of full time artists in place, Heartland Sings is working overtime to share its exciting new brand, and expanded repertoire with Fort Wayne and the surrounding area.

Courtesy/First Presbyterian Theater

Beginning this weekend, First Presbyterian Theater is adding a new twist to a beloved holiday classic, with its production of  "It's a Wonderful Life, a Live Radio Play."

Andy Laverghetta

For the past five years, volunteer show host, Rob Martinez, has been sharing his musical expertise and his audio production skills over the WBOI airwaves, most notably, with his weekly "Movie Music Spotlights" and annual "Nights Before Christmas" music specials.

Courtesy/Visiting Nurse

The profession of music therapy began to develop during the 1st and 2nd World Wars for the treatment of soldiers' traumatic injuries, and has grown steadily to serve a wide variety of populations.