Mental Health

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Fort Wayne resident, Lili Carroll, is a multi-lingual counselor who draws from her own experiences to offer others support though difficult life transitions and the grief, anxiety, and depression that can follow.

Anne Gregory

The full title of this week's episode of WBOI Presents is Access to Behavioral Health Services: A Matter of Social Justice.


After a short delay for the Fall Fund Drive, this week on WBOI Presents we feature our September News Roundup.

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Recently, discussions about mental health have focused on a Netflix series, 13 Reasons Why. The show is about a high school student who kills herself, and some Fort Wayne health organizations are concerned about the way the show portrays suicide.

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This month, WBOI is reporting on teen mental health issues. When people think about teens, they often think of middle and high school students and sometimes  forget about teens transitioning into college.