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Gov. Eric Holcomb announced Tuesday the state will invest $1 billion in infrastructure projects like rural broadband service, trails, and completion of major highways.

State officials say $600 million of the investment will be used to speed up construction of I-69 Section 6 by three years; instead of the original completion date of 2027, officials project that leg of interstate between Martinsville and Indianapolis will be done by 2024. 

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  A group of KKK members rallied in southern Indiana Saturday, but the event drew more people to counter the hate group’s message.

Fewer than 20 people showed up for the KKK’s rally in Madison, and on the other side of a metal fence surrounding the area, hundreds of protestors gathered. Protesters came from across the region, and several held signs with phrases such as “Love Trumps Hate.”

Some protestors, including the American Indian Movement’s Albert Runningwolf, came from Kentucky and brought others along. Runningwolf says his group alone brought more than 100 people.


  A new knee replacement procedure is not only improving the recovery process, but it’s helping reduce the amount of narcotics being prescribed. 

The procedure, known as cryotherapy or cryoneurolysis, has only been around a couple of years.

An anesthesiologist uses a small, handheld device with three little probes to push through the skin and freeze nerves that cause pain. This typically happens a week before the surgery takes place. 

Riverview Health Hospital in Noblesville has done the procedure on about 400 patients receiving total knee surgeries.

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During a typical evening practice on the Franklin College football field, a new coach stands on the sidelines, talking to players and using a stopwatch to time their routes. But new plays and strategies aren't what Emry Himes brings to the table as a coach. 

Emry has Down syndrome. He’s a graduate of the Franklin College program INSPIRE, where he took classes with other students.

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With Brewed IN the Fort Craft Beer Fest just about a week away, there's more craft beer news brewing, with the formation of a Northern Indiana Brewers Association, and its very own Beer Trail.