Holcomb Signs Several Controversial Bills

Apr 25, 2017

Lawmakers approved a bill this session allowing legislative staffers to carry guns into the Statehouse. Governor Eric Holcomb says he supports the reasoning behind the bill.

“They put in long hours – especially during the session – and they are walking blocks away, oftentimes after midnight. And I can sympathize with someone who wants to be able to protect themselves and feel secure,” Holcomb says.

And after pledging to sign that bill, Holcomb did crack a joke about it.

“This is my first budget session and the legislature saw fit to arm their staff and not mine,” Holcomb says.” I don’t know what signal that is sending me.”

Holcomb signed a bill Tuesday requiring judges to decide whether parents are told that their minor daughter is asking the court’s consent for an abortion.

“I see it as a parental rights issue and responsibility and common sense,” Holcomb says.

But Shelly Dodson says the law will further restrict access to abortion. Dodson is the director of the All-Options Pregnancy Resource Center. She calls the measure, “yet another barrier for young people, who often lack the resources and support to safely access abortion.”

The governor also pledged to sign the school prayer bill and affixed his signature to a measure allowing the use of marijuana-extracted oil in treating children with epilepsy – noting he was happy to sign the latter.

“This does not put us on a slippery slope to legalizing marijuana. Quite the contrary,” Holcomb says.

But Holcomb won’t comment on other controversial bills on his desk, including one measure curbing solar incentives and another dealing with cold beer carryout sales.

“I’m not there yet; still reviewing it,” Holcomb says. “Looking at every angle.”

Holcomb has until next week to sign – or reject – all approved bills.