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Theater Program Teaches Students How to Create Their Own Musical

Karli VanCleave/WBOI News

An Embassy Theater Program called SCORE! presents their annual musical this Sunday. The show is created and performed by middle school students.

They sing, they dance, they act and they do just about everything else too. The Embassy Theater presents “Flying Home,” a musical written and performed by students.

This three week theater program is called SCORE! Students ages 12 to 15 learn about theater by creating their own show. Rebecca Reader is one of three directors: she says the students come up with everything.

Students Grace Smith and Maddy Urbahns say the experience is one of self discovery.

Not only way to learn about the arts, Urbahns said, “It’s kind of a way to kind of explore myself.”

“Everyone is just trying to find their home and where they belong.” Smith said this is apart of the musical’s theme.

This is the program's fifth year, Embassy Theater Education Director Maggie Hunter says SCORE! derived from the Metropolitan Opera.

“This wonderful team of collaborative artists who get together and who are just so creative and so in the moment and so embracing and loving of one another,” said Hunter.

SCORE! Presents “Flying Home” on July 30 at 2p.m. at the Embassy Theater.