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WBOI Presents: Comics in the Age of Cyberpunk


This week, we are going to hear a presentation from the Humanities Symposium at Trine University. Patrick Ridout returns to the program. His past presentations were “The Mighty Atom: Nuclear Energy in Comics and Manga” and “Norse Mythology in Comics.” Now we look into the future with “Post Humanism and Three-Tone Ink: Comics in the Age of Cyberpunk.”

Trine University

This has been an episode of WBOI Presents. Special thanks to James Tew for providing audio for this program. Our music is by Mark Waldick, Noah Campodonico, Kurt Roembke, and Hope Arthur. Our production assistants are Meihkai Bowers, Steve Mullaney, Kyle Norbeck, Sydney Wagner, and Jacob Walters. (This episode was edited for broadcast by Steve Mullaney.) Until next time. Thank you for listening.