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Women are Creating a Culture of Nonviolence

Stephanie Gottesman & Nicki Meier

This week, Nicki Meier shares her journey as a genderqueer feminist, and the work she does with the Center for Nonviolence supporting people affected by violence in today’s culture and helping create a system that raises the voices of marginalized people. 

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In our interview, Nicki takes a deep dive into intersectional feminism, allyship, and some of the problems our culture has around social justice. She talks about the work she does through the Center for Nonviolence supporting LGBTQ+ teens, and explains the unique ways the organization uses flattened hierarchy and consensus-based decision making to create a more equitable power structure. She also talks about her work bringing GLSEN, an organization championing LGBTQ issues in K-12 education, to Indiana. She provides some resources for becoming better educated on feminism and marginalization.

Check out The Center for Nonviolence on Facebook, give them a call at (260) 456-4112, or visit their website at

Vist the GLSEN website to sign up for news and updates from the Fort Wayne chapter.

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