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Bosma expects stability will help GOP caucus

Apart from those who retired prior to this election cycle, Indiana House Republican leadership will remain mostly the same after the new 69-member caucus voted Wednesday. And Speaker Brian Bosma says his caucus’ style of governing won’t change either.

Neither party has enjoyed a majority this large since the early 1970s, and more than half of the caucus has fewer than four years’ experience. 

But House Speaker Brian Bosma says keeping him in his post, Macy Representative Bill Friend as floor leader and Noblesville Representative Kathy Richardson as caucus chair will help ensure the caucus functions effectively.

“Nothing’s going to change,” Bosma said. “I’ve had this conversation with several people; my conduct will be the same as it was when I was a leader of a caucus of 47 and as the leader of a caucus of 60.”

Anderson Democratic Senator Tim Lanane, who Wednesday was voted leader of the Senate’s minority caucus, has experience dealing with a quorum-proof majority in his chamber and says super majorities can be dangerous.

“The responsibility on the minorities under those really rises to make sure that the public hears all sides of a debate,” Lanane said.

House Democrats are expected to vote on their new leader Thursday.  Fort Wayne Republican David Long will remain Senate President Pro Tem.