Allen County Schools Focus On School Bus Safety

Aug 7, 2019

Credit Barb Anguiano / WBOI

Public school districts in Allen County launched a campaign Wednesday aimed at improving safety around school buses.

Along with local law enforcement, school officials are reminding drivers of the need to be aware of school buses, unveiling the new motto of “Slow, Stop, and Stay” for drivers. 

The campaign reminds drivers to slow down when yellow lights are flashing; stop when red lights are flashing and the stop arm is extended; and stay put until the lights stop flashing and children are out of the way.

Allen County school and law enforcement officials estimate there are nearly 200 school bus stop-arm violations daily.


Safety around school buses became a state-wide concern when three children were killed in Rochester last October by a driver who allegedly failed to stop for a bus. 

While state laws have since been enacted to improve safety, local authorities are using other tactics, such as targeted enforcement areas to keep incidents down. In March, Fort Wayne Police and the Allen County Sheriff’s Department issued more than 60 citations for stop-arm violations in three weeks.