Community Greenhouse And Learning Kitchen Cultivate Good Health

May 3, 2019

Camille, on the left, inspecting the crops, while Kathy plans a cooking class around the produce at hand.
Credit Courtesy/Parkview Community Greenhouse

The Parkview Community Greenhouse and Learning Kitchen, a hub for accessing healthy food and resources, is humming with activity and will open its doors this coming week.

The facility, located at 1716 Beacon Street, near Parkview Behavioral Health, was specifically established there because 46805 is one of five Fort Wayne zip codes considered to be a food desert.

For a look at the project's goals, WBOI's Julia Meek invited greenhouse farmer Camille Schuelke and community outreach dietitian Kathy Wehrle into the studio to talk about the problems being addressed with this program and the impact it will have on the overall health of the community.

Greenhouse tours begin on Thursday, May 9th. For details on the free tours and cooking classes, visit the Parkview Community Greenhouse and Learning Kitchen website.