Four New Members Join The State Board Of Education

Jul 2, 2019

Credit Lauren Chapman / IPB News

Four new members are joining the State Board of Education this month. 

Three will replace members whose terms came to an end in June, while the other is replacing a member who recently resigned.


The governor appoints eight out of the 11 members on the State Board of Education, and announced his picks to fill three seats up for appointments Tuesday. 


William Durham from Indianapolis will join the board until 2021. He’s the director of the Meadows Excel Center, part of a network of adult high schools across the state, and will fill the seat left by Gordon Hendry.


Business intelligence director with Indiana University Health’s Revenue Cycle Services and former state Sen. Pete Miller, as well as Columbia City High School social studies teacher Kristin Rentschler will serve terms ending in 2023. 


Senate President Pro Tem Rod Bray (R-Martinsville) also appointed one member to the board this week – his first since taking on the leadership position in the General Assembly. He appointed Perry Township Superintendent Pat Mapes to serve on the board until June 2023.